Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Redwoods Advance chooses the right talents to foster projects

To learn by books and experiential learning at work are both different.

For job interviews, most companies give priority to people with academic intelligence. In contrast to that, Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd lays emphasis on people with the ‘willingness to learn’ and not ONLY to theoretical knowledge, their educational background or credentials.

See, what the Managing Director of this Singapore sales and marketing company, Adrian Chua looks forward to in job aspirants (excerpts from an interview with jobsDB):

“Real and genuinely sincere [people], those who would tell you where they are good at and admit where they aren’t.”

Right to what he said, people with the right attitude, ready to learn and work in as a team should take this message as a welcome note and can apply straightaway with their updated CVs.

Immense growth and development opportunities for the right talents, always!

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