Monday, 18 March 2013

Business on social media

Is anyone not on Facebook? In just a few years, the user base of Facebook continues to grow.

Facebook at present has more than 1 billion active users. After Google, it is Facebook that people across the globe daily visit for business and social networking.

Way back, only students used to access Facebook for social networking, but today the Facebook network has grown beyond the student network.

Zillions of social networking sites are available today. One can find commercial to non-profit organizations and people of different gender and age group, there.

In the IT era, one should not overlook the importance of social media and networking. Join Redwoods Advance on the social network, and be a part of the Singapore marketing community.

Monday, 11 March 2013

To build a customer base

Be it any business sector, every company shares the common objective, and that is to ‘enhance customer loyalty’.

In a buyer’s market, customers may switch brands every now and then. They expect companies to adhere to business standards, and deliver what they promise to the customer.

Unlike before, customers today know what product brand is RIGHT for them. Thanks to the Internet and social media, people prefer to check reviews, ratings, comments and feedback about a newly launched product before they decide to purchase that.

In this competitive marketplace, to motivate a customer for impulsive buying requires a lot of SMART moves. Little marketing knowledge can never help.

Leading brands would be good at loyalty programs and other sales promotion tools, but what about small and medium sized business enterprises with limited marketing budget and skill?

Do not worry! Want advice on consumer sales program for lead generations? Redwoods Advance can help your business establish a loyal customer base.

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