Friday, 7 February 2014

Chinese New Year Celebration at Adrian Chua’s House

Chinese New Year celebrations begin with the New Moon and continue till the Full Moon day.

Redwoods Advance - Chinese New Year Celebrations at Adrian Chua's House
Chinese New Year Celebrations at Adrian Chua's House
After the Chinese New Year party at Shaw Towers on 30th January 2014, everyone from Redwoods Advance got-together the third-day of the New Year at Adrian Chua’s house - the Managing Director of the company, for extended celebrations.

The New Year party at Adrian’s house was pure fun. One of the colleagues prepared Yu Sheng and people had a ‘prosperity toss’, raised their glasses of champagne to greet each other for a prosperous New Year ahead.

Other than delicious New Year goodies, home-cooked food, people watched movies together, played several New Year games and had a fun time in the group.

2014 is the New Year of the Horse. With the hope of a happy and prosperous future ahead, Redwoods Advance Singapore surges ahead.

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