Monday, 9 September 2013

Hard work pays off! Success story of Ong Pei Chee at Redwoods Advance

“Anyone heard of Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd?” Of course and many have reasons to choose the Singapore Direct Marketing Company, to build a career in sales and marketing.

A few well-founded reasons: a fun workplace environment that offers scope of not only personal but even career development/growth. People get opportunities to acquire knowledge, learn new skills and develop talents/strengths, for a better future ahead.

Success story of Ong Pei Chee at Redwoods Advance Singapore
Ong Pei Chee is one, who chose Redwoods Advance Singapore to build a ‘marketing and advertising’ career. Through sheer efforts and determination, the lady ‘quickly’ climbed the ladders of success.

The Success Story of Ong Pei Chee:

  • Year 2008: Sales Award
  • Year 2010: Promotion to Management
  • Year 2012: Rising Star Manager

Three cheers to Ong Pei Chee for work beyond the call of duty.

Many more promotions are on the go at Redwoods Singapore (hope people remember recent Job Promotions of Dawn Toh and Dorson Chua).

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