Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Adrian Chua’s 9-year long journey with Redwoods Advance Singapore

It has been Nine years of experience for Adrian Chua, the Managing Director, in managing the business operations at Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd.

In the period, Adrian administered different client campaigns and projects in Singapore, including 3M, Club Rainbow, IT, Red Bull, SCB, Science Centre and SCS, to name but a few.

He believes - to keep one’s dreams alive and the growth process on, one should keep exploring new avenues and opportunities, which without any doubt demands a substantial amount of work.

‘Ups and downs’ in any business or profession is inevitable. One should adapt to all situations to come out winners. Adrian sets an example for everyone to see.

In the passage of 9 years, he did not slow down, and overcame obstacles to accomplish organizational goals.

Redwoods Advance looks forward to scaling new heights in business, under Adrian’s leadership. Best of luck!

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