Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Redwoods Advance Career Event 2012!

Redwoods Advance conducted a career event called "Career 2012", which was oriented at education, recruitment and training. This four-day career event, held every year in March at Suntec Singapore, had a total number of 2,33,712 visitors. During the event, the company conducted both a visitors’ survey and an exhibitors’ survey.

The Visitors’ Survey details:

  • Young visitors outnumbered others
  • Visitors of age group ranging 20 - 25 years rated high (46%) in participation
  • Most visitors were degree (45%) and diploma holders (29%) and even 'N'& 'O'Levels (10%), 'A' Levels (6%), Masters (5%) and Higher NITEC/ITC/CBS (5%)
  • Most participants have worked or are working in finance or Accountancy (10%) field and attended the event looking for better job opportunities (67%) and 27% for educational courses
  • The visitors were interested in a variety of courses/jobs

                  a. Visitors for courses that rated high are:
                      -Accountancy/ Finance (15%), Casino Management (16%), Event Management (11%)

                  b. Visitors for jobs that rated high are:
                     -Accountancy/Finance (14%), Engineering (12%), Business Administration (10%)

Both sects of visitors had these objectives in common -
                  a. to know more about the job options
                  b. to take part in recruitment exercises conducted by exhibitors

  • Others wanted more information on educational courses
  • 72% of the attendees’ felt that their objectives were met significantly 
  • Majority of the attendees came to know about the event through friends (26%) or event (15%) & job websites (23%). 
  • 64% of the visitors feel  that the event fared better than the previous year’s 
  • 59% intend to visit the event in the years to come and 36% of the attendees were uncertain about this. 

The Exhibitors’ Survey details:

  • Most exhibitors, made up of educational/training institutions and employer organisations, had these objectives

           a. To conduct student recruitment exercise (49%)
           b. To present the career opportunities (30%)
           c. Create a public awareness about them (21%)

  • Most exhibitors targeted students, graduates/diploma holders or working adults  and 72% were partially satisfied that they could meet their targeted  audience
  • 65% exhibitors were not first timers to the Redwoods Advance's Career Exhibition
  • Compared to previous years and other exhibitions, 62% felt that this time the event  went  good
  • 79% were partially satisfied with the participation they had this time.
  • 63% have made plans to take part in the Exhibition organised by Redwoods Advance Pte. Ltd. in the coming years.

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