Friday, 16 May 2014

Redwoods Advance at the Tanglin Trust School for WWF Outreach Program

Redwoods Advance Singapore at Tanglin Trust School for WWF School Outreach Program
Youngsters are the most discerning audience - AND the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) school outreach programs are one to encourage youngsters to join the movement to save the Planet.

The International Non-Governmental organization (WWF) works on matters concerning wildlife protection and environmental surroundings. The Singapore Sales and Marketing Company - Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd works in collaboration with the WWF to promote different programs and to spread the message of ‘Save the Planet’, across the globe.

On 8th May 2014, the Redwoods Advance Singapore team visited the Tanglin Trust School, to attend the WWF School Outreach Program.

Through the school outreach program, Redwoods and WWF made efforts to educate youngsters on the need to conserve wildlife and nature for human survival and existence.

Redwoods Advance informed students on wildlife statistics and alerted them of climate change and consequences of environmental problems. The students at the school vowed to protect the Earth by saving forests, seas, tiger and other wild animals in their natural habitat.

Let us build a future, where human beings live in harmony with nature.

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