Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Redwoods Advance and Singapore Cancer Society come together at Christmas Carnival, to spread joy and love

It is the festive season! Everyone at Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd is in a festive mood.

Be it any event or occasion - people from Redwoods Singapore are always full of activities, throughout the year and find ways to have a fabulous time, in the group.

Redwoods Advance at Christmas Carnival
Christmas – a moment to ‘give and share’ was one such occasion for Redwoods Advance. To make a difference to the lives of Cancer patients during the festive season, the sales and marketing company decided for some voluntary work in collaboration with the Singapore Cancer Society.

Health statistics indicate that every year - majority of Singaporeans die due to cancer than any other health disorders and ailments.

Committed to different social causes and campaigns, the Christmas Carnival on 14th December 2013 at Bishan Community Centre was an effort from Redwoods to bring smiles on faces of people, affected with the dreaded cancerous disease in the society.

During the Christmas carnival, to cheer people of different age groups and gender - Redwoods Advance set two stalls: Instant Tattoo Booth and Ping Pong Toss Booth.

Participants hanged-out at booths of Redwoods, enjoyed all booth activities and made repeat visits, throughout the day. Based on points earned, several lucky participants even grabbed prizes and went home with smiles on their faces.

Filled with enthusiasm and lots of smile – it was an unforgettable day for volunteers from Redwoods Advance Singapore.

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