Thursday, 3 October 2013

Taiwan Trip! What Travel destination for Redwoods Advance Singapore, next?

To explore places in the map is different from ‘to discover or travel around the places’, in real.

For many, a job with Redwoods Advance Singapore means more than ‘sales and marketing’ campaigns and projects.

People who chose this marketing and advertising career with us were willing to travel for clients [at the first place] and now enjoy traveling with the company to distant lands, every time.
Redwoods Advance' Taiwan Trip

Everyone usually asks: which travel destination is next, on the agenda?

After the recent Kuala Lumpur trip with front-line executives and administrators in the third-week of September, the Sales and Marketing company chose Taiwan for the Rising Star Trip from 24th to 28th September 2013.

Managers and top performers from the Singapore and Hong Kong marketing offices got the opportunity for the tour.

Everyone had a pleasant time at the Grand Hyatt hotel, with lots of professional and personal activities involved: workshops, delegate meetings, seminars, birthday bash (of September born babies), gala dinner in Tang costume, shopping.

Follow us for images of the Taiwan visit.

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