Monday, 11 April 2011

Redwoods Advance featured on Straits Times Singapore

Everyone needs encouragement, to achieve desired goals and objectives in life, and Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd believes the theory is not different in the corporate world.

To hope and dream about achieving a goal/objective is not just enough, as one needs to put in time and efforts for that.

One needs to have faith in one’s abilities, and should attempt every task with confidence. These guys have the quality, and people look up at them for INSPIRATION.

Redwoods Advance swept MOST of the awards, in the Bi-yearly convention. Here, are the self-starters from Redwoods Advance Singapore that featured in Straits Times Paper, Singapore on 9th April 2011. Three cheers to all!

Redwoods Advance Convention 2011 - News Article on Straits Times Singapore

Stay tuned for Redwoods Advance News and updates.

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